Professional Hand-wash Cleaning of Antique and Modern Navajo Rugs

Navajo rugs should never be dry cleaned which can set many stains and remove lanolin.

Navajo rugs should never be placed in home washing machines as the wool can turn to a "flannel-like" texture as a result and any dyes will bleed together.

Navajo rugs should be professionally hand-washed using mordants in cold water

We provide professional cleaning of antique and modern Navajo rugs including:

--Setting dyes with mordants to prevent dye loss or bleeding during washing

--Testing and attempting removal of stains

--Attempting removal of color run/bleeding

--Complete cold water hand-wash cleaning of entire rug / blanket

--Fast Drying techniques to get most water out quickly

--Air Drying for freshness and eliminate balance of moisture

--Professional Blocking to Keep Rug's Shape

--2 to 3 week turnaround time on most straight cleaning jobs (any requested repairs /restoration take additional time. See: Navajo Rug Repair & Restoration)

A clean rug is less attractive to insects and has a much longer life and is healthier to be around.

For a Free Estimate of the cost of cleaning your rugs through our services please email photos of each rug (a full view of each side) as well as each rug's measurements to us at External link opens in new tab or